Accountants' Errors and Omissions Claims

We’re committed to helping you avoid trouble in the first place

  • Protexure gives you access to the best resources in the marketplace for assessing and managing professional liability risk for smaller firms. Learn more about our accountants professional liability insurance.
  • Crum & Forster specialists are available to answer questions whenever you are concerned. You shouldn’t wait until someone actually files a suit if you think there may be an issue.

When you face legal action from a client for an error or omission, your reputation, your livelihoodand that of your accounting firmare on the line. That’s when it really matters which insurance carrier you have chosen. We provide expert claims service, and we are committed to helping you manage the complexities that could lead to negligence.

Crum & Forster brings A rated claims paying ability and significant expertise in professional liability case defense and resolution. This includes:

  • Dedicated claims professionals
  • Comprehensive guidelines that ensure prompt evaluations and implementation of appropriate claim disposition strategies
  • Use of Alternate Dispute Resolution under appropriate circumstances
  • A carefully selected nationwide panel of qualified defense firms
  • Integrated Defense Plans to manage discovery, control costs, and prepare the case for appropriate resolution
  • A comprehensive legal fee review program

Crum & Forster focuses on quality claims handling and resolution that translates into bottom line savings for our policyholders. Their goals for quality are quite simple:

  • Timely initial contact with policyholders and claimants to promote early resolution at appropriate costs
  • Management of expenses
  • Timeliness of investigations, evaluation and resolution
  • Litigation prevention and containment measures

How to Report a Claim

Crum & Forster makes it easy to report a claim, and then stays in touch throughout the process.

You can report a claim by:

Email: mapsnol@cfins.com

Crum & Forster,
Attn. Executive Products Claims Department
305 Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07962

Fax: 877-622-6230

Phone: 973-490-6783

Please include the following information:

- Firm Name and Policy Number
- Name of the claimant or potential claimant
- Date of the alleged error
- Date you became aware of the alleged error
- A description of the claim
- Firm personnel involved

Crum & Forster involves you in the litigation process to maintain optimum communications and a collaborative approach to resolution.

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