Professional Liability Policies Are No Longer Plain Vanilla

Many companies think that all professional liability policies are alike. In truth, most insurance coverage is based on the size of a firm and the professions being insured. No one is immune to risk and not all policies provide the same protection. Coverage comes in a variety of flavors, depending on your needs.

Data breaches, cyber threats, malware and internal theft are events that are hard to predict or mitigate – and they are popping up faster than attorneys can litigate them. Are you protected?

As a small firm you can have access to the same network security and privacy tools typically reserved for larger companies. Our RLI Privacy Protection Package for Accounting and Legal Professionals includes liability coverage for enterprise privacy, electronic media peril, network security breaches, crisis management, data loss and cyber extortion – to name just a few. Resources provide access to risk management counseling, forensic specialists, network and privacy self-assessments and detailed plans to help you minimize your exposures and risks.

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